Cayman Aggressor IV ~ Thanksgiving Trip
November 17 - 24, 2001

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CA4Boat PB170005 PB210013 PB210014 PB210021 PB210024
PB210026 PB210028 PB210030 PB210031 PB210032 PB210033
PB210034 PB220035 PB220041 PB220042 PB220045 PB220046
PB220048 PB220049 PB220050 PB220051 PB220053 PB220056
PB220062 PB220064 PB220069 PB230072 PB230074 PB230075
PB230077 PB230082 PB230083 PB230084 PB230086 PB230087
PB230090 PB230091 PB230092 PB230099 PB230100 PB230101
PB230102 PB230104 PB230110 PB230113 PB230118 PB230121
PB230123 PB230126 PB230127 PB230130 PB230131 PB230117
PB230140 PB230141 amyreefparrot denniswayne JohnAmy Murrell
kayakrace keithdeck keithreef kyleangel kyleturtle saraangel
scubaddywreck shafer trumpetfish vickycamera waynedeck Wayne

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